December is a time for celebrations and merry making with friends, loved ones, and family. Xilium wants to extend this festive celebration to you with our heartfelt gratitude for all the blessings of this year.

The engaging and fruitful collaborations we have enjoyed, the wonderful virtual pats on the back for all the job well done, the time you took to give us notice, are merely some of the things we are thankful for this 2016. We hope that you have more things to thank for and even better ones to look forward to on 2017.

What’s New

Medical VA plus Coding Service

Large hospitals and health providers hire and contract with medical coding mills. These are large organizations dedicated to coding large numbers of insurance submissions. Small practices don’t have the need for dedicated medical coding personnel, but they do have a need for proper medical coding.

Stay Tuned for ECommerce Accounting

Analysis and reporting can be a powerful tool in your business. Xilium is developing and piloting a new service in support of e-commerce businesses. E-Commerce is a rising force in the economy, and it’s rapidly changing. Once you’re successful at identifying and fulfilling products to customers, it’s time to consider a deeper analysis.

Holding the Line

In 2017 there is a price increase for new hires. The good news for existing clients is we will be able to keep prices at the same level for their current staff services. We are hoping this helps you have a great year!

From the Noggin

Iloilo City: Xilium Showcasing the Culture of Home

Get to know Xilium as we give you a glimpse of our home – Iloilo City, the birthplace of our company, through a series of cultural vlogs.

Meet the VAs

Thanksgiving Surprise the Xilium Way

Being thankful is a good characteristic to embody as a person. So a company making an effort to show gratitude to its people makes the gesture more special because it is unexpected. This was how Xilium warmed and won the hearts of everyone in the team last Thanksgiving Day celebration.