Medical VA plus Coding Service

Large hospitals and health providers hire and contract with medical coding mills. These are large organizations dedicated to coding large numbers of insurance submissions. Small practices don’t have the need for dedicated medical coding personnel, but they do have a need for proper medical coding.

Xilium specializes in small to medium medical practices. We take an in-depth view of what benefits the practice and find ways to fit their needs into the scope of our services. When it comes to insurance reimbursements, we know the challenges and headaches that proper medical coding brings. Revenue and cash flow are crucial but not usually where you want to spend a lot of time. You’re a medical practitioner, not an accountant.

We developed this exact service in a new MVA plus Coding plan. The service offers a more in-depth and skilled coding capability to your practice. We maintain ICD-10 certified coders to educate, support and ultimately embed the additional value of medical coding in your existing MVA.

Each practice has its unique medical services and billing methods. Our MVAs now have more precise medical coding training, customized to your practice. The documentation of your specific coding standards, specialist reviews and problem resolution are included in the plan.

Did you know insurance companies themselves vary in what they accept and the manner of coding procedures? These differences are unpublished and not acknowledged by the industry, but they do exist. We maintain an internal Xilium insurance company standards database that spans all our clients. All of our MVA plus Coders have access to the database and continually update it to keep it current. The result is to provide higher acceptance rates of insurance submissions and improved revenue management for your practice.

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Stay Tuned for ECommerce Accounting

Analysis and reporting can be a powerful tool in your business. Xilium is developing and piloting a new service in support of e-commerce businesses. E-Commerce is a rising force in the economy, and it’s rapidly changing. Once you’re successful at identifying and fulfilling products to customers, it’s time to consider a deeper analysis.

How profitable is each of your SKUs? Are you attributing expenses in a way that reflects well on your product mix?

These questions and more are what we’re thinking about. We’re standardizing templates to dive deep into your business and generate the reports and information you need to make informed decisions.

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