Xilium Quarterly Newsletter 2017

Festivals are a community’s expression of what they celebrate together as a people. Iloilo City, birthplace of Xilium, has one particular festival that summarizes what we as the people hold dear to our hearts – Dinagyang Festival. It exemplifies the love and importance we put into our faith, culture and our history. These are aspects which are invariably part of who we are, or what affects our decisions. And, we believe that sharing what this festival means to us in essential in getting to know us as a company to do business with.

What’s New

We’re Making Videos

We’ve come a long way since producing our first video.

From tutorials on how to use a mobile app and simple montages of company events, we have produced a video series showcasing the culture of our home city, the most recent of which highlights an important Philippine festival—The Mystery of Dinagyang.

You might ask, why are we spending so much time making videos? It’s not exactly our core business service. We love sharing our culture and life with the people we work with. We believe this brings us closer to our clients and helps build trust in us and what we do. Our clients are our partners, and when we know more about each other, the communication and understanding deepens.

We’ve Grown

Xilium has gotten bigger, and it’s all because of you. As your own business has grown, you have carried us along with you. We appreciate that you put your trust in us and strive to always exceed your expectations.

What started as a small shop of five staff in 2011 is now a 75-person company that continues to grow. We’ve been adding more clients every week. Existing clients are growing and adding more virtual assistants. We are developing deeper skills and gradually expanding our services to address small-business needs. It was just over a year ago that we moved into our new office, and even though we expanded our space, we are bursting out of it. So we have started the process to move to a larger office.

Our Maturing Services

When starting to offer services 6 years ago, we focused on providing technically supported college educated people to support businesses. As we expanded the businesses we worked with, we were asked to do more. We began to increase the expertise and training for our staff and hire more and varied skills to fit their needs. This has moved apace and we continue that same process today.

We see this experience and expertise growth to encompass all of the operational requirements of small business. We’re not there yet because we want to be careful to ensure we understand and can always bring value when we offer a service. But we’re excited to learn and gratified when we hear a client’s feedback letting us know that we are an asset to their business.

From the Noggin

Dinagyang Special

Dinagyang is a word in the local language meaning revelry. It is the celebration of the entire city of the faith and culture that defines us. The festival is a reflection of our history as a society – how we had progressed from our rustic beginnings to the developing community we have become, as well as faith that has taken hold of our hearts.

Iloilo Food

Food is a universal language just as much as English. Join us as we sample the food that lets people know they are in Iloilo. Know the food that speaks the culture of what it means to be an Ilonggo. Watch as we introduce the Ilonggo cravings from the strong coffee brew, to the flavorful noodle soup, and the bittersweet native chocolate.