Xilium at 6

We have crossed another milestone. On July 11th, Xilium celebrated its 6th anniversary. What began as a team of 5 people has grown to an 80-employee company. We are completing the build on our new building and will be sharing all details in our next newsletter.

Our success comes from our clients and we are grateful for your confidence in us. We continue to learn and strive to grow closer to you. The better we know you, the better service we can deliver.

What’s New

Medical Billing

Healthcare providers are entitled to reimbursement for their services. When processing claims, we understand how inaccurate data can cause delayed revenue. Fixing the inaccuracies yourself takes a lot of time. Time you should use caring for your patients.

Billing Audit

Costly problems like overcharging or undercharging, submitting duplicate claims, and incorrectly billing a procedure are just some of the things that go awry in billing. To find and evaluate them, consider a Billing Audit.

EMR Migration

Things change. Our jobs, our locations, our practices. Along with many changes in a medical practice is often an EMR change. Today an EMR is nearly a requirement. Once a physician uses a proper EMR, they get hooked.

Know More About Your VMAs

You can follow along and learn more about individual virtual medical assistants on our Xilium Health Facebook page over here. Nurses are motivated to care for people in need. With patience and kindness, they are always caring and empathetic especially when patients are unhappy, anxious, and unwell. We think it’s nice to get to know them as people and individuals. Drop in and check out what is going on.

Coming soon: We’ve begun writing life stories about our virtual assistants. The first nurse story will come along soon on our life story blog. Stay tuned!

From the Noggin

How Does Xilium Celebrate Summer?

The team spent a sunny June day swimming in the pool, playing games, and giving out awards. These make the trifecta of a perfect Xilium summer.

We also believe that no good deed should go unnoticed. That’s why the highlight of the day was recognizing the excellence of some team members. Thank you gifts were presented in recognition of what they have done for the company.

Our best moments are always those when we find ourselves laughing together. We forget our worries and get to relax. This is how we spend our summer as a team.