Happy Holidays

December is here and we want to wish our family and friends, happy holidays!

We love this time of year. As it comes to a close, we would like to thank you for what has been a successful and eventful year. It has been a learning and growing year and we have much to show for it. Our growth and success was made possible by you. We love to hear you are happy. We feel proud when we learn from you, even better when we fail and later learn and then succeed. You enable Xilium to be a family.

May the holiday cheer warm your homes throughout these December days.

What’s New

New Office Opening

The urban cityscape of Iloilo City has been Xilium’s home for the past 7 years. It’s where we navigated the cross-cultural divide that regularly makes or breaks companies here. As we continued to expand our business, we found ourselves getting squished into our old office space.

The Post-Thanksgiving Scramble

Remember when we watched the news about crazy people rushing into stores after Thanksgiving and wrestling Elmo(or the latest hot toy) from each other? This year, according to Forbes, 70% of shoppers either only shopped online or combined online with brick and mortar visits.

From the Noggin

7 Ways Filipinos Celebrate Christmas

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