New Office Opening

The urban cityscape of Iloilo City has been Xilium’s home for the past 7 years. It’s where we navigated the cross-cultural divide that regularly makes or breaks companies here. As we continued to expand our business, we found ourselves getting squished into our old office space. It was time to find more room to grow.

Following a year of planning and many months of searching, Xilium finally found its second office space. We found space in a new and developing district in the suburbs of Iloilo City, about two to three miles away from our first office. In September of this year, the new office was ready, and everyone was excited to see it and stretch out.

We spent most of the summer building out the new floorplan creating a warmer more efficient work space. It occupies the entire third floor of a brand new building. There are more rooms for conference calls, expansive work areas, a lounge, a pantry, and a nice sleeping space, where staff can choose their own type of setting or join with friends. Keep an eye out for photos and videos from the new office. So far the staff comments have been positive and we continue to take suggestions and adapt it to give the best service to you guys, our clients.