A Virtual Assistant’s Story

Our lives in the Philippines are set in a tropical land. We live and grow on a large group of islands, but our stories ring familiar to many that struggle, fail, and achieve what we all want. As parents, we worry about our children going to college. As students, we worry about our grades in our computer and bio classes. Our children borrow our cell phones when we aren’t looking. They play outside the house with their friends. When we’re at work we look forward to the lunch lady bringing our favorite foods.

Our lives are made up of stories that you’ll find familiar yet, some may sound peculiar and can make you think, “Wait..what?” Arlene, our new writer, has joined us and is beginning to write our stories so our clients can learn more about the people who work for them. You can find the first story by clicking HERE.

We hope you’ll find the stories of our staff interesting, enlightening, charming, and fun.