The Post-Thanksgiving Scramble

Remember when we watched the news about crazy people rushing into stores after Thanksgiving and wrestling Elmo(or the latest hot toy) from each other? This year, according to Forbes, 70% of shoppers either only shopped online or combined online with brick and mortar visits. This is why for a short time Jeff Bezos was worth more than $100 billion, marking him as the richest man on the planet. Not only are people buying online but they’re selling. Amazon has 2 million sellers on their marketplace.

The reason we’re sharing all this retail stuff is because we wanted our clients to know that we work for Amazon sellers. Have been for 2 and a half years now, and we’ve gotten pretty good at it. Amazon spends a lot of time getting rid of bad sellers, those that don’t provide good products or good service. Like our service to you, we provide Amazon sellers, customer services, like answering customer questions and tracking orders.

We figured you likely know someone that sells on Amazon so we thought, heck let’s ask. If you do know any Amazon seller, they’re probably looking for some good professional help. And if you like our service maybe you can let these folks know about us or let us know about them.