Billing Audit

Costly problems like overcharging or undercharging, submitting duplicate claims, and incorrectly billing a procedure are just some of the things that go awry in billing. To find and evaluate them, consider a Billing Audit. In many practices, the primary concern is for patient care which leaves you without time for auditing documentation, checking billing accuracy, and submitting and processing of claims.

Our work with a wide range of medical practices allowed us to develop a strong skill in Medical Billing. To reflect this skill we are now creating an official service, Xilium Medical Billing Audit. It finds missing and wrongly submitted services and allows corrections that bring you missing revenue. It also helps protect you from further errors and missed revenue by identifying process weaknesses and areas to improve education and training.

Our VMAs help you improve your medical documentation, verify data entry of your codes, and oversee the efficiency of claims processing. Analyzing the frequency of E/M services and how this affects your practice is an important component of the service.