EMR Migration

Things change. Our jobs, our locations, our practices. Along with many changes in a medical practice is often an EMR change. Today an EMR is nearly a requirement. Once a physician uses a proper EMR, they get hooked. The convenience of databases collecting and billing patient information becomes a necessity. The state of EMRs is there is no portability and no standards and like other software upgrades, improvements and just changes happen at a rapid pace.

The challenge comes in the migration of records from an old EMR system to a new one. It’s a heavy lift job and you sure don’t want to do it. You don’t have time for this because it is time-consuming and tedious.

This is what we do. We do the detailed, skilled and tedious task of moving your records over to your new system quickly and seamlessly. It is the EMR Migration service. Our virtual medical assistants have migrated many clients across many EMRs. This experience allowed us to develop processes and expertise allowing us to efficiently get you up and running on your new EMR. The service is now launched and we want all to know.

We stepped our game up because EMR Migration is not just about migrating records. It is managing the entire system for you. The service includes chart cleanups and daily notes updating.

The service is also available for those who are still using paper documents. Our trained assistants will work on manually entering the data from the paper documents into the system.