Services for Clinics and Small Hospitals

We started supporting small practices and developed skills across a broad spectrum of health practitioners. Our growth required us to develop internal programs and documentation to ensure compliance and skills across the larger number of staff that we now employ and continue to hire. The interesting part of this is that it leads us to provide better services for larger organizations. So no we begin the extension of our journey in healthcare services.

The strong management and disciplined staff are necessary for healthcare clinics. Larger clinics require a larger set of staff that coordinate and work well together. In the clinic, the patients are met with the front facing people – registration staff, nurses, PAs and doctors. But behind all of them are people that handle the paperwork, EMR, and other systems that schedule and keep operations running smoothly. This is where our service shines. In the past, if a clinic operated in a less populated area or in places where labor is competitive it’s difficult to find and maintain staff. It can be even more difficult to train, support and educate the staff in a consistent and standard manner.

Since Xilium uses trained medical staff (Philippine RNs) it overcomes a good portion of needed skills and even extends them. Additionally, Xilium’s structured and process-oriented internal methods can bring an effective set of staff directly into a larger health clinic and even small hospitals.

We’ve learned a lot since 2011 and continue to improve to this day. Our exposure to dozens of EMRs and the many insurance environments across different states gives us the flexibility to adapt to any clinic’s operations. If you know of any clinic or hospital that struggles in these areas or maybe is open to what we do, please, drop us a line and share Xilium with them. Thank you