Do you feel that your online marketing plan has gone stale?

Well, it could be because that it had. Being a business owner is even more challenging today than it was when businesses were all about brick and mortar physicality and word-of-mouth advertisements. In those days, businesses were often artisinal not mass production, every business owner had his own forte and skill. Today, businesses are like a dime a dozen, what with coffee shops, restaurants, electronic stores or boutiques just inches apart from one another. This is why having an edge against your peers when it comes to marketing is not just a bonus but a must!

By now, you are probably already elbow deep in the online marketing game. The question is: have you checked on these campaigns lately, if they are still working to help you attain your business’ goals? If doubt comes to mind instantly, then you might be in trouble. Take stock of where your campaigns are as of the moment. If they are still going according to plan then continue with your efforts. But if you think they are growing weaker by the minute, here are some tips on what to consider to revamp them.

  • Social media is your new best friend.

Remember that social media campaign you started a lifetime ago? Well time to dust off its cobwebs and put it to good use. You may not be aware, but it does so much for you than just a simple visibility tool. Of course, the main purpose of having all those social media accounts is to give your business more visibility for your avid followers and potential customers. However, if you know more about the trends regarding social media marketing, you will know that it can do more.

First off, it can be a way for you to directly address concerns people may have regarding your business or products. If they were in any way unsatisfied, you can give the solution or give action straight to the person involved. This way you make it personal, which your customers will tend to appreciate more than vague promises to the general populace.

Second, you can use it to share news and development regarding your business. Letting your customers in on what’s currently going on in your company will make them see that you value their trust, so you want to build a relationship based on transparency. In connection to that, third, you have to share your opinion. Be heard. Let your followers, customers, and peers know that you have something to say regarding matters within the industry you are in or even just current event issues. Show how much of a thought leader you are, that you always have something of value to impart.

Social media is the perfect way to reach out to the public and for the public to reach you. Setting a standard of easy communication and accessibility for your business will make the public appreciate you even more. They will be more motivated to trust you and what you can do for them.

  • Corporate blogs are a strategy

As a business owner, being a thought leader in the industry you are a part of is as important as any marketing campaign. One good way to do this is to make blogs.

Knowing that a company or business has a reputable leader at the helm makes potential buyers feel safe in their buying decisions. They believe that they made a good choice because the person responsible for the product or service they had acquired knows what he is doing. Showing people that you understand their needs better that they can put it into words makes you a capable provider who can deliver.

You need not be the only one making the blogs, get other people in the company to make one which can also reflect their position or role in the company. This way your blogs are well rounded and skill-oriented, which will boost up their credibility. Make sure to share these blogs across all your social media sites to give them the needed exposure.

  • Follow the experts

On all your social media sites, particularly LinkedIn, follow experts from your industry or even those who are from a different industry but who has generally valuable things to impart regarding doing business or keeping a business afloat. Also look out for those who advocate trends that are worthy of consideration for your own business. Listen to what they have to say because they might teach you a thing or two or more.

  • Keep innovating

When it comes to your online marketing strategies, don’t let yourself be stuck on what you’ve already known or done. Try out new trends or ways to get your business not only known, but most importantly trusted by the public.

On a more personal level, as a business owner, try to innovate yourself skills-wise as well. Don’t think that because you can hire virtual assistants to do tasks like social media posting or website developing, you need not learn them yourself. At the very least, try to get an understanding of what such tasks entail. This way, no one can shortchange you on the quality of work, plus you can communicate well with your virtual assistants regarding how you want the task done and what expectations you have on the end product.