The Halloween season is in full swing. What have you done to get into the spirit of the celebration?

We have been talking about what you can do for your online marketing for the past months, so in the spirit of the Halloween season, let’s take things offline this time. Roll up your sleeves and get ready for some real marketing tips for this special occasion.

As a business owner, you need to see the importance of joining special and celebrated occasions such as Halloween. They are full of boundless opportunities to explore in aid of your business promotion. By tradition, Halloween is a festivity beloved by children and adults alike. Children get to do three things most children would love a free pass on all the time – eat candies, play dress-up, and gallivant around to their heart’s content. Adults, on the other hand, are excited for the parties and sales that are most likely to happen during the season. People looking forward to it are interested in any topic concerning the celebration.

You can exploit this occasion surreptitiously by making strategies to promote your business. How? You might ask. Well, why not look through this list of possible ways to get into the spirit of Halloween while getting some needed attention for your business.

  • Be in theme

Nothing beats a well-thought out decorating scheme to transform your brick-and-mortar establishment into a Halloween village. Whether you decide to recreate a spooky funhouse, an abandoned graveyard, or a haunted house – you can even do a combination of the three, is really up to your imagination. Hang bat cut-outs, string-up fake cobwebs, and make your employees wear costumes.

Transforming the look of your store will serve to make your customers feel that you are celebrating the holiday with them. Now, if you had packaged some of your products to fit the season, they would feel more compelled to buy these products. By conditioning them to be in the spirit of the season when they step into your store, you convince them that there is a need to buy your special promos.

  • Make themed product bundles

Incorporate the season into your business even more by making themed product bundles. Display them where they can be easily seen from outside. This way they will perk up the interest of not only your regular clientele but also the passersby who happen to look your store’s way. They will not be able to help themselves but come over for a closer inspection. It is after all human nature to closely look at something that had caught your attention from afar.

  • Print your logo on your goodie bags

To go with the freebies or prizes you will be giving out, print your logo on the goodie bags. This is a good advertisement ploy that is obvious but not annoying. This will work strongly in your favor because who in their right mind will get angry by getting a freebie? People will see that you are generous to your customers and you know how to give back to them for all the support they give your business.

  • Create fun activities

Make the holiday a month-long celebration with a smattering of fun and engaging activities for your patrons. Create a calendar of events which you can post across all your social media platforms and at your actual store as well.

You can do something like announce a surprise prize for the trick-or-treaters who have the best costume when he tumbles, floats, flies, or smashes his way into your store on the day of All Hallows eve. You can go as far as organizing a Halloween party for the kids. A scavenger hunt inside the store is also a good idea to try out. If you want to go old school, why not host a pumpkin carving contest?

  • Take it online

Whatever activities or shenanigans you plan for the occasion be certain that you keep all your social media platforms updated. Make a daily post on Facebook and Instagram sharing all the fun things you can offer. Constantly tweet about what’s going on in your store or about the special offers you are giving out. Share photos, videos, and content that are connected to the season and what you have in store for your customers.

Ever heard about hashtags? Why not use this chance to try it out with topics concerning your business and your Halloween-related marketing pursuits. These clickable little links should lead your followers to a page on your website that dishes out all the holiday promotions and events you have planned for your avid customers.

Now, these tips are not only applicable for the Halloween season. You can use them as your template for your things-to-do for a special holiday or occasion. They really do wonders in strengthening your marketing game. Don’t get behind your competitors, always make sure that your business is noticed. An effective marketing campaign is only as good as the attention it brings to a business.