web_designYou own a business. You have a website – that is your online marketing campaign. You take your brick and mortar business into the web to reach out to your clients, as well as to your prospects.

This is what you know will help your business in this age of advanced technology. You know this because your peers in business are also into online marketing. What you want and what you need is to bring your business where the people are, and that is online.

But, how effective has your website been for your online marketing campaign?

Your website is your brand. It represents you and your business to your clientele, so the importance of doing it right is something you must give attention to. The good thing is, if you were not able to do it right the first time, you only have to update things to make sure all flaws are corrected. You can just make things happen as you go along. You can make as much changes as you want on your website for your online marketing.

To help you build the best website for your business, we give you some tips to consider:

The Right Ingredients

An effective business website must have the right elements to make it work in the purpose of online marketing. Entrepreneur released an article this September which clearly sets the characteristics websites should embody in order to advocate itself as your stalwart partner in your business’ growth and prosperity.

What should your website be made of?

  1. AttractivenessTo capture the public’s attention – and to hold it – is the foremost duty of your website. Everything else is secondary. Hard as it is to accept sometimes, but we all live in a world where beauty is everything. Society has taught us that in order to be interesting anyone or anything has to be pleasing to the eyes.For this reason, your website must be a visual eye-candy. It must be put together in such a way that it catches the attention of any web surfer who happens to be on it or deliberately searched for it. The challenge here is for your website to project both consistency and transition that will make any visitor keep looking and discovering.Don’t be afraid to be bold, but don’t overdo it as well. Find the balance that is just right for the business you offer. Invest in good images for your website – they have to be crisp. Choose the best font for your text, even that should reflect your business.
  2. Freshness and RelevanceMake your customers feel that your business is all about action. You need to prove that you can be trusted and that business is continuous. This is shown effectively when your content is regularly updated. Of course, your content should also be relevant to your business. It should help you in getting the public interested without being in their face unnecessarily.Do you have a blog page on the website? It can work in your favor because it shows you are willing to share your thoughts and activities to your visitors.
  3. InteractionThe best thing you can do for your website is to show visitors that there is an interaction between you and your public. Make them see that you are reachable and more importantly that there are actual people who care about their needs behind the website. Put up your contact information. Convince them that there will always be somebody to address their queries or solve their concerns. This way they know you are, and not just some fly-by-night scammers who are just out to steal their money.Also, let them know what other people think about your business by putting a review section. There, you can quote some feedback you’ve received from people who have a firsthand experience with your business. Of course, include a plugin that enables them to directly add their own feedback about your business into that section.
  4. SocializationsYou already understand the importance of having social media accounts for your business. Show your visitors and prospects that you are willing to step into their world by sharing the links to your social media profiles on the website.People love having a choice on how they want to connect with you. Everyone has their own preferences for doing things, so giving them the choice of how they can get in touch with you can really put you in their good books.
  5. E-commerceYou have your brick and mortar store, that’s great. But, many people opt to do shopping online because it is easier and more convenient for them to do. Why not incorporate a shopping cart into your website? This way customers can directly order from you if they do not have the time to visit your store. You can use PayPal or you can invest in having a fully integrated ecommerce store. When you have sales at your physical store, make those activities reflect on your online store as well.You may also want to include stipulations like: free deliveries for purchases exceeding a specific amount. This way you encourage your customers to buy more. Who wants to pass up a free delivery?
  6. Your StoryIt is in the human nature to be curious. So, you have a business and you have a website, but who are you? People need to know who you are and how everything started for you. This is why, when making a website, it is important to remember to include an About Page.

You need to earn the trust of your clients. Let them get to know you. Let them see that their problems are the same as your own, making you the best candidate in providing the solution. Make them see that their needs are the same as your own. Who better provide these needs for them then, than you who understand what it is that they want. Make it show from the first line of your story that you have an affinity with them. Starting with a question that is based from common concerns of people will do the trick in hooking them into your story. From there combine your real story as you identify with them. But, do not make things up. Make sure you stick to the truth.