We’re Making Videos

We’ve come a long way since producing our first video.

From tutorials on how to use a mobile app and simple montages of company events, we have produced a video series showcasing the culture of our home city, the most recent of which highlights an important Philippine festival—The Mystery of Dinagyang.

You might ask, why are we spending so much time making videos? It’s not exactly our core business service. We love sharing our culture and life with the people we work with. We believe this brings us closer to our clients and helps build trust in us and what we do. Our clients are our partners, and when we know more about each other, the communication and understanding deepens.

Better trust and communication means we are better at our jobs. The most talented people can be ineffective if they don’t clearly understand what is needed. We are always striving to build a rapport with each client. We want them to know us as much as we want to know them and their business.

We began writing short articles and stories about our work and what it was like. As we grew, we realized that it did not sufficiently convey the ideas of what living and working in the Philippines is like. We continued to extend this by picking up a camera and started showing it. We have been doing it for about a year, and we liked it so much we started in investing in video production. Always with the goal of showing the Philippines to our clients.

You will see in the coming videos more about the lives of your assistants. What they do, where they live, how they’re educated. Their family and their struggles, things that all of us have in common. An interesting thing happened along the way.

We got pretty good at video production. We’ve grown our skills to produce quality videos. Headed by our main man behind the lens, Marlon, we continue to find ways to improve our skills.

Oh, and if you know of anyone wanting some services like this, we would appreciate you letting us know.