We’ve Grown

Xilium has gotten bigger, and it’s all because of you. As your own business has grown, you have carried us along with you. We appreciate that you put your trust in us and strive to always exceed your expectations.

What started as a small shop of five staff in 2011 is now a 75-person company that continues to grow. We’ve been adding more clients every week. Existing clients are growing and adding more virtual assistants. We are developing deeper skills and gradually expanding our services to address small-business needs. It was just over a year ago that we moved into our new office, and even though we expanded our space, we are bursting out of it. So we have started the process to move to a larger office.

We are a young company in the Philippines, headquartered in Iloilo City. Our reputation in the city is rising because we are one of the few born here. The people of Iloilo take great pride in their city and the growth and accomplishments of their companies. This is a great advantage for us because it greatly improves recruiting.

Our culture is unique to the city and the Philippines as a whole. This can be seen in our extremely low turnover rate. To ensure the high-quality staff, it is a great advantage to have a visibly good reputation. And these cool videos help too.